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tracing actions

Where is the seat of action? I think this is the underlying question one addresses when the phenomenon of agency is at issue. Where is the actual locus of action? Where does it emanate from? Who is the agent? Flicking … Continue reading

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. . . . 1 egerek tánca, hajszál híján macskabál . . . . 2 furtonfurt nőket fúrt folyvást krémes dunnákba bútt ondolált asszonkák tejszínes húsába . . . . . 3 (hevernek) tégla a porban szög a homokban a … Continue reading

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tracing thoughts

The most exciting ideas, the ones that lure with a tantalizing vagueness as a rule solicit and, what is more, outright impose a demand on every inquiring mind. These kind of ideas are (like) objects that show only a partial … Continue reading

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tracing my steps

It seems to me that many of my insights (if I may call them that) arise when there is a slight modification or a sort of unexpected quality to the habitual course of my everyday routines and movements I am … Continue reading

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on starting this blog

I guess am here to express no, not really to express is not the right word it has a sense that’s way too self-possessed I am here to articulate, in so far as I participate in processes and dwell embedded … Continue reading

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