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Static models of being still dominate our minds. The dynamics and plasticity inherent in being(s) is hardly appreciated for the importance it holds. Habits matter. Lifestyle matters. The choices we make matter a great deal, especially in regards of future generations. It is all a matter of dynamics. We are not determined to the trajectories of contingent blueprints. Even if vicarious, we have agency in the way our genes are expressed.

Once deficiencies develop together with all kinds of infections and biochemical inbalances and inflammations the solution lies definitely not in taking symptom-suppressing medications. Imagine all the smoke that gets trapped under the cover, still compromising the vitality and the dynamic flow of the body. Medications may help short-term and may help when we are overwhelmed and therefore they may be quite useful tools in managing our lives, but, without doubt, the abuse of these tools is nothing but an addition to the toxic load inhibiting our being.

Depression is a symptom.

The body harbours self-healing powers which, by dint of ’appropriate’ lifestyle changes, can be unleashed. The basic formula is this: feed the body until it becomes capable of feeding itself, or more abstractly, just boost/build the system till it becomes capable of building itself. With perseverence, at the more fronts I address my diseased flow, the more it is guided towards its self-healing potential. Ideally, I have to push it forwards until it reaches a tipping point where, as in reaching the top of a hill, it gains a momentum and the healing-process accelerates. And of course, during the pushing it might turn out to be quite painful. As the body adapts and readjusts sedimented stuff frees up causing acute poisoning, a seeming relapse. As ’resonance’ shifts there is an intense felt sense to it.

Candidiasis is a symptom.

In more concrete terms, readjustment is the process wherein bodily processes out of sync (re)gain some form of a balance that is not compromised. Circadian rhythms, for instance, are crucial for proper functioning. But what happens when the (modern) mind is caught up in all sorts of disembodying practices? Inundated by endless trends and memes, we stay up deep into the night staring at the glare of mute screens, clicking impatiently; consuming food-products the source of which are totally unknown to us; constantly stressed and frustrated by mundane and trivial things of this fleeting world of ours. Ping-pong balls on water, so mindless most of the time. There is a mind-body diconnect after all but not a dualism. It’s only a lag produced by runaway culture and technology. Just try sitting in the sunset under a tree… melatonin will kick in.

Reject the given.

As a way of ameliorating the blocks and distortions in our flow of being let’s get up and gauge. Try. Tune to the rhythms of the body. Eat what your body feels like eating and eat when your body tells you to eat. Of course, eat ’real’ foods. Better yet, raise your own food (even mineral and vitamin supplements are inferior to whole foods). Cut the processed crap, all the supermarket shit. Try and feed the malnoursihed body. Move. Stretch and improve circulation. Walking, in my opinion, is very conducive to adjustment. Be mindful and aware. Get to know your reaction-patterns, your fears, hang-ups, soft spots. Express, creatively; dialogue, either with self or other, may be a wonderful form of that. This is called poiesis.

Autoimmunity is a symptom.

No two diabetic is alike. No dietary or detox protocol can be applied with the same effect on individuals. Everyone needs to find their own way… etc, etc.

Anxiety is a symptom.

Map out your being. Approximate, the who that you are. Relentlessly and with more and more ease and momentum.

Just keep workin on it.

(Existence is a symptom?)


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