re healing

Imagine yourself as a composite of processes, as a kind of current that weaves different sorts of streaming strands together. Vitality in this frame of thought would be pictured as the smooth and unimpeded flow of this stream. But what about disease? what about the process of healing?

In short, disease could be seen as a disarray in the running weft of these strands where the different strands of our being are out of sync. Healing, on the other hand, as something that kicks in as one discovers and systematically addresses the structural disarray in his/her being.

Usually, the discovery of a specific problem brings with it the potential discovery of other correlated ones. And, basically, the more systemic the ’sorting out’ process gets, the more the healing process is advanced. To the same degree, for instance, as a certain psychological repression bogs down personality, nutrients may not be assimilated properly by the body no matter how perfect the diet and the supplementation. Vitality is usually compromised on several levels. Again, this is why successful bodily detoxification may require getting out of loops of stratified layers of self-deception and inhibitions or, more simply put, sometimes it just turns on the actual recognition and releasement of mental blocks and hangups. Disclose and release, this is the formula: in order to heal, try and untie and then realign the strands.

As for the strands in the streaming fabric of our being, for one there is the musculoskeletal system. It could be speculated that fallen arches and septal deviation, the different forms of asymmetrical distribution of muscles and weights and all sorts of constricted movement habits contribute to and nurture a jostling dynamics in one’s being. Yoga in this case might prove pretty helpful in remedying possible malformations. I guess another dynamic strand in our being that could be thought of is the ego dwelling in its nest of defence mechanisms and subtle sets of reactions. This is our ’persona’ that reveals its contours as one tracks the stess-reactions one undergoes from moment to moment. In point of fact, there is an unnecessarily excessive amount of stress generated in our body that might be mitigated through the continual practice of (mindful) awareness and (self and other-oriented) compassion. One other strand might be the rhythm in/of our activities, the patterns and loops of our lifestyle, besides all the biochemical ebb and flow of our being; all of it emerging out of our profile of waking up, going to bed, taking naps, eating, exercising, socializing, relaxing with different sorts of audiovisual distractions, etc.

I could speculate on more strands like these but the point remains: together these strands compose a structure that is dynamically moving, continually renewing itself. What a lack of vitality indicates is some form of a disarray (jostle) in this structure which is as much temporal as spatial, has as much to do with intensive (psychological, biochemical, etc.) as with extensive (musculoskeletal, biophysical, etc.) properties of our being. Healing, thus, is a kind of gradual spatiotemporal (re)alignment.

Although the idea of reaching a state of perfect ’’health’’ is straight bs, there may come inspiring developments along the way that can lead and guide us toward ever robust dynamics and vitality. Sometimes, for instance, one needs to heavily feed one’s body until it becomes capable of storing and utilizing (appropriating) nutrients on its own accord and does not have to rely on constant external supply for that end. The task, in brief, is simply to tweak, relentlessly, with perseverance, until somehwere ’it clicks’ and sends the system straight into a more robust dynamics… opened for more capacities, more possibilities.


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