Cleanbred, fullbred, highbred, hightech and thoroughbred.. pureblood, pedigreed, aryan and whatnot. All this obsession with purity and sterility, with anti this and anti that. Could it be: that it’s the death-drive manifest: the lure of the inorganic (form of being) and the absolute predictability that’s involved. Rejecting the fecund and spawning and contingent but robust cesspool that life, actually, is. Could it be then: that the more mongrel, the mongreller a being, the more alive it is? Pure water has no fish, after all.

Also.. regarding Angst and “the throes of finitude”. Could it be: that it is not the subliminal awareness of death that freaks the shared mind of mankind out (shocking it to flee into the fluffy nest of myths and superstition and secular fictions) but quite the opposite: life itself, that mongrous monstrosity of contingency. After all, as they say: all suffering has to do with wishing the moment to be other than it is. And indeed, we do routinely dwell in the sticky filaments of guilt and anguish strung between our past and our future. Which, as the phenomenologists have shown, is the basis of human consciousness, really.

Perhaps.. perhaps not.
The life of the mind is complex.. 😉


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