fun alternative to crosswords and sudoku, every day

Here’s a little game that’s fun to play. Find the ground behind the figure. As a rationale, suffice it to say that the occasional daily stroll in the ontologgia is proven to decrease the risk of chronic stress-related diseases. Here’s the how to. Basically, the only tool you might need is a pencil and a piece of paper in the pocket, but even that is optional. And then… essentially, settle into the following frame of mind: What I say about things or other people tells as much, if not more, about me as about those things and people. “I don’t like dogs and their soft servile souls.” Every statement is a form of judgment and every judgment has implicit baggage. And it’s quite a hefty one, no matter how empty and ethereal we might think it actually is. “Docility feeds nothing but exploitation and arrogance.” Expression occurs at multiple levels. The way I express myself on one level in a way expresses my self on another. “He is just a hapless puppet, self-castrated of all virtue and agency.” Whenever I say something I simultaneously express a horizon of values that, most, if not all, of the time, overcasts my mind, like light, invisibly. “It’s not normal to cling to/diss your friends like that.” The world is disclosed in the light of what we take to be normal, in the horizon of what we take for granted. And it’s never beyond contingency. Now, this little psycho-logical gymnastics does not justify or condone anything, of course; rather, it’s a kind of art for art’s sake. Granted. But, as mentioned above, there are serious health benefits involved. Yeah, just by trying to figure out: on what ground, on what assumptions, preferences, values, beliefs, opinions, habits, etc. are the figures of our speech based? This is it. Simple. Deconstruction in daily life.


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