A small but crucial point. It’s not the supplements that actually heals the body, nor the doc. The stuff that we take and use and have recourse to, are tools merely that aid and facilitate the process of recovery/realignment, not constitute it. In effect, it is the body that heals itself. Once the crticial/necessary aid is provided, the supporting agents, as it were, cue the body to heal itself. So, all the healing agents we project our hopes into and onto which we are nervously clinging are mere triggers in the process. Nothing more and nothing less. Sort of catalyzing agents in the dynamic process that defines the streaming of our being.

A good analogy for this could be language and the way it works, its pragmatics. In short, the meaning or the sense of a phrase is/inheres not in the words of that phrase. Of course not. The actual words only prompt the construction of the sense that we have/”share”/accomplish. They trigger the sense that we, in a way, already anticipiate (i.e. harbor). Again, the agents (words) merely trigger or catalyze, not enact and determine the overall process. The cause is always internal in other words. This is the essence of autopoiesis. And the more crucial point of this principle (of autopoiesis) is the mediated and open-ended (i.e. nondetermined) nature of it all.

Everything turns on the extent of one’s, say, triggerability. One’s capacity to be affected. Nothing is transmitted or received in an unmediated, direct and transparent manner. It’s translation all the way down. And up. (See translationism and OOO, btw). It’s no wonder that I have to build my way up if I want to be able to utilize (absorb and assimilate, for example) healing agents. (See the incre-mentality of the GAPS diet, for ex). No two satiation/drunkenness is alike. It’s not what you eat that matters, they say, but what you(r body) do(es) with what you eat. It depends on the body’s texture of triggerability. (Yes, I do like to mix the world of languaging and that of digestion metaphorically).

A small but crucial point. Nothing can be externally imposed without the mediation of internal appropriation. The same way as I have to cultivate my body’s capacity to thrive I will have to reflect and read and converse and “open” a lot if I want my mind to be capacitated to grow further, in its scope and insight and intuition. I gotta know where I’m at and go from there. In Emerson’s words: “every mind must know the whole lesson for itself, must go over the whole ground. What it does not see, what it does not live, it will not know.”

Funnily enough, the more sensitive, that is, vulnerable I become the more robust my being will be.



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