homo haesitatus

Instead of wearing glasses a much better strategy to alleviate blurry vision is to do EYE exercises. Allegedly. Although, ‘exercise’ is a tricky word here since improvement of eyesight is all about relaxation. For the most part.

According to some the problem basically stems from the strain and tension in the muscles around the eyes (squeezing them out of shape) while others think it has to do with a decreased flexibility of the muscles controlling the eye-lenses. Some even say that vision blurs as a result of holding back our natural voyeuristic (and more general inquisitive) impulses.

Indeed, it may not be that far-fetched to claim that some(times) diseases develop (that is, functions get blurry) because we hold back (or hold in) stuff or we hold on to something lost, when, in other words, all semblance of spontaneity is chronically curbed.

If this assessment holds any water, well, then EYE exercises are crucial for initiating the process of healing. Briefly, EYE stands for Engage-Yield-Express, the basic recipe for dis-inhibition. Engaging, yielding and expressing relentlessly, turning and turning in a widening gyre, as a way of reclaiming spontaneity.

Which makes one ponder. The same way as good vision implies sharpness health could be understood as a kind of sharpness. Where does that leave the psychologically fuzziest and most blurred and hesitating creatures on Earth? Could they be the sickest?


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