homo effectus in a nutshell

Admittedly, I am all over the place in my previous post. There is a red thread, though, running through it. The invariant member of a family resemblance.

In essence, the idea is this: picking up a particular craft and relentlessly cultivating it gets more and more fun as time goes by simply because of the ecstatic moments that it affords.

Skills of expression liberate our individuality—our style of being—by way of getting us into certain states beyond that individuality; paradoxically. We participate in something that is bigger or deeper or older or whatever than anything we could ever attain without the art of craft.. -ful living, that is.

We get caught up in something  that comes—as if—from the future. And this is where, in effect, we catch up with the more mysterious facets of our real selves. This is where, to get a bit more purple, we face the withdrawing depthlessness that is breathing through our facelessness.


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